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JAMA - Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association

Established in 1967, the Japan Automobile Manicures Association, Inc.(JAMA) is a nonprofit industry association currently comprised of 14 manufacturers of passenger Cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles in Japan. Its organization today is the result of the Merger of the Japan Motor Industrial Federation (JMIF) and the Japan Automobile Industry Employers' Association (JAIEA) with JAMA in May, 2002.

Automobile manufacturing is an integrated industry, encompassing production, sales, maintenance and repair and transport, and one which involves a great number of allied industries. Directly and indirectly, some 8 percent of Japan's working population is involved in automobile-related work; automobile production accounts for 14 percent of the value of all manufactured goods shipped from the country and for 30 percent of the value of the machinery industry's combined shipments. Auto production thus plays a vital role as one of the core industries of the Japanese economy.

JAMA works to support the sound development of Japan's automobile industry and to contribute to economic and social welfare. In the 21st century, it takes its role and mission even more seriously-to help ensure a bright future for the motor vehicle industry while meeting society's demands for increased environmental protection and greater automobile safety. JAMA is also actively promoting friendly relations and increased mutual understanding with other countries as well as the advancement of the information age, both within Japan and around the world.

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