Welcome to SASIG
SASIGThe Strategic Automotive product data Standards Industry Group (SASIG) comprises of automotive industry organisations from around the world. It was originally formed to further the development and promotion of STEP AP 214, the international product data exchange standard within the automotive industry. AP214 is now adopted by ISO as "Core Data for Automotive Mechanical Design Processes" (ISO 10303-214).

Today SASIG is acting as a Forum to develop global standards, guidelines and recommendations; and promote implementation of automotive engineering standards. The primary focus is in the area of product data including neutral formats such as ISO 10303 (STEP), quality metrics, naming conventions, exchange and management of technical data, and others similar domains.

The work in SASIG is based on rules and procedures agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding.
SASIG Goals:
- Act as an information platform for automotive product data related problems, experiences and solutions
- Promote internationally accepted solutions based on existing national and/or regional solutions
- Support development
- Identify, promote and recommend effective implementation
- Help prevent duplication
- Improve relationships among partners in the area of product design, engineering and manufacturing within the automotive industry

All activities will be based upon common understanding and agreement.
SASIG will operate as a not-for-profit forum.

The history of SASIG
SASIG was established in 1994 by the AIAG, VDA, GALIA, and JAMA. ODETTE Sweden has since joined, with potential membership under discussion for the appropriate organizations from Australia, Korea and China.
Last Updated ( 2011-07-15 )